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Hardback. I found mine at a book sale. You can go for the paperback below. It's newer and cheaper.
Paperback version of the above. This is where I got many of my plant lists.
This Time-Life Book has some really great ideas and pictures. It covers irrigation, garden design you name it, it's in there.
Decorative Ways to Grow Herbs in the Garden. If you want an herb garden that looks fantastic, this is the book for you!
Treasury of Gardening I confess, I got mine at Wal*Mart at a steal of a price. And I use it a lot. Want a particular look in your garden? This book will help you select colors, locations, everything.
Wow! And I thought my lists of plants were pretty good! This book is chock full of pictures and advice for every gardening situation. I highly recommend it.
OK. If you live in Georgia, this book might not be very helpful to you, but it should be included in every gardener's library in the Pacific Northwest. Written by people who KNOW the specific problems (and joys) of gardening in the PNW. Trees for seaside gardens, roses that work as groundcovers, good shrubs for the best cut flowers, vines for soggy sites, and lots more! Includes sources for many of the plants.

Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening Series

You can buy these from Rodale, but they are pricey. Go with Amazon.com and buy the paperback versions. They are extremely good quality at about half the price of the hardbacks from Rodale (I really hate it when the publisher charges you full retail value and make you think it's a good deal.) If you insist on Hardcover, buy from Amazon.com and save some money on each. Each book contains more information than most of us will ever use, and they are very comprehensive in their plant encyclopedias. Much of the data I get regarding my plant pages comes from these books. I love them!

Companion Planting Hardcover
Companion Planting Paperback

  Houseplants and Container Gardens Hardcover
Houseplants and Container Gardens Paperback
  Improving the Soil Hardcover
Improving the Soil Paperback
Landscaping with Perennials Hardcover
Landscaping with Perennials Paperback
Lawns, Grasses and Groundcovers Hardcover
Lawns, Grasses and Groundcovers Paperback
Low Maintenance Landscaping Hardcover
Low Maintenance Landscaping Paperback


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