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Barnes and Noble Selections

Thank you for buying books through Michelle's Garden!

Barnes and Noble very rightly does not tell me WHO orders books, they just tell me WHAT was bought. So, while I would love to send each buyer a personal "Thank you", I can't. Please accept my thanks here and know that we are using our commissions to improve Michelle's Garden.

America's Garden Book
by: Bush-Brown, Louise    Hardcover
Drawing on the expertise at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, one of the most acclaimed botanic gardens in the country, this fully comprehensive reference is replete with advice for every garden contingency. More than 1,000 color photos and more than 3,000 plant recommendations make this the one-stop book for all gardening questions. 100 line drawings.

Backyard Battle Plan; The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Home and Garden from the Ravages of Wildlife
by: Rutledge, Cooper    Quality Paperback
A godsend to gardeners, this complete A-to-Z guide defines which wildlife are the enemy; reveals their habitats and diseases they carry; and tells which control methods are best. 70 illustrations, charts, & graphs.

Bug Busters; Poison-Free Pest Control for Your House and Garden
by: Lifton, Bernice    Quality Paperback

Down to Earth; Garden Secrets and Stories with 33 Projects You Can Do
by: Rosen, Michael J.    Hardcover
With proceeds benefiting the community gardening efforts of Share Our Strength, 41 children's book authors and illustrators such as Eve Bunting and Lois Ehlert share their gardening memories and visions. An activity section at the back of the book includes 33 projects to inspire young people to grow their own gardens. Full color. 64 pp. Ages 5-12. Pub: 3/98.

Farther Along the Garden Path; Beyond the Basics Guide to the Gardening Year
by: Lovejoy, Ann    Hardcover

Favorite Garden Tips
by: Harris, Marjorie    Quality Paperback

Health from God's Garden; Herbal Remedies for Glowing Health and Well-Being
by: Treben, Maria    Quality Paperback

In a Southern Garden; Twelve Months of Plants and Observations
by: Hipps, Carol Bishop    Hardcover
Here southern gardeners will learn where to find the plants that will thrive in their region, and how to treat the plants that share the colder climates. Organized by month, the book leads the reader through the seasons with detailed advice on what to plant, and when and where to plant it. 30 full-color illustrations.

It's So Natural; An A-Z of Environmentally Friendly Hints, Tips and Remedies for Home, Health and Garden
by: Hayes, Alan    Quality Paperback
From hints on an herbal approach to hangovers to environmentally sound methods to remove a stain from the carpet, here is a superb guide to the healthy and natural way to make the things we use every day. The information included encompasses environmentally safe advice and solutions. The author focuses on natural products that are easy to make and just as effective as chemicals for the home and garden.

Makeovers from the Budget Gardener; Transforming Your Garden in Just One Season
by: Gilmer, Maureen    Quality Paperback
Budget gardening expert Maureen Gilmer has just the book for anyone who is tired of looking out the window at the same boring plants. Regardless of size or ambition, here is much-needed help on planning the gardening project, getting organized, creatinga design that matches the space, and more. With the aid of this easy-to-follow book, by the end of the year--or even the season--every gardener's efforts will pay off.

Making a Garden; Reliable Techniques, Outstanding Plants, and Honest Advice
by: Buchanan, Rita    Hardcover
A friendly, encouraging book by an enthusiastic expert, this book features 16 chapters that cover some of the most popular subjects in gardening as well as some of the most challenging. 200 color illustrations & photos.

Mrs. Greenthumbs Plows Ahead; Five Steps to the Drop-Dead Gorgeous Garden of Your Dreams
by: Danz, Cassandra    Quality Paperback

Plant a Garden in Your Sneaker!; Fun and Outrageous Planting Projects for All Seasons
by: Burns, Diane L.    Quality Paperback
Fun designs, containers made from cool castoffs, and easy-to-follow directions motivate kids to learn about natural sciences as they plant and care for their own unique gardens. Plant life cycles, recycling, the components of soil, and the role of earthworms all come into play as children learn how to sprout seeds and bulbs, make their own compost, and nurture a variety of flowers, vegetables, and other greenery. Full color. 64 pp. Ages 7 and up. Pub: 4/98.

Plants for All Seasons; Creating a Garden with Year-Round Beauty
by: Lawson, Andrew    Quality Paperback

The Budget Gardener; Twice the Garden for Half the Price
by: Gilmer, Maureen    Quality Paperback
For those who love gardening--but don't want to go broke getting their garden to bloom--Gilmer offers tested tips and ingenious alternatives to expensive procedures which will be appreciated by both beginners and experienced gardeners. Charts, drawings, & quick-tip sidebars.

The Magic Land; Designing Your Own Enchanted Garden
by: Messervy, Julie Moir    Hardcover
Through meditative and hands-on exercises, garden design tips, anecdotes drawn from Messervy's gardening experiences and those of her clients, students, and family, and thoroughly engaging prose, this inspirational guide shows readers how to create a unique gardenscape from the elements of their imagination, memory, and dreams. 33 illustrations. 128 pp.

Vegetable Garden
by: Florian, Douglas    Quality Paperback
A family plants a vegetable garden and helps it grow to a rich harvest.

Western Garden Problem Solver
by: Sunset Books    Quality Paperback
Completing Sunset's trilogy of essential reference volumes--with "Western Garden Book" and "Western Landscaping Book"--for the western gardener, "Western Garden Problem Solver" is the first major reference guide that addresses the pests, plant diseases,and weeds particular to the western climate zones, soil, and topography. Approx. 600 photos & illustrations. Charts. Size D. 320 pp.

Winter Garden
by: Neruda, Pablo    Quality Paperback